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Supporting Science Teachers

supporting science teachers
Supporting Science Teachers

Views on professional learning

Here at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute (TI), we’ve seen classroom video be a valuable tool for teachers to reflect on their practice. We think the same could be useful for teacher professional learning providers.

This website highlights core elements of our program design and uses video to provide the experience of taking four different TI workshops. We hope our philosophy of learning by doing, and our practice of providing long-term support for our community, will help you in your own work with teachers.

We thank all of our teacher participants for their contributions, and especially for sharing their views and insights.

Supporting Science Teachers

Explore the core elements of our program

Watch these short videos to explore some of the core elements that guide our interactions with teachers, and serve as building blocks for our programs and workshops. Hear what participants and staff have to say, and consider the ways in which these elements might strengthen your own work with teachers.

Experience a workshop

Immerse yourself in four different workshops to get a sense of our professional-learning experiences and environments. On each video, pedagogical annotations highlight moments that support science learning. You can turn these annotations on or off, depending on your needs.