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Miscellaneous:  Live from the Lab: Living Systems Warm Room (Clip)
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Get a special sneak peek at the Exploratorium's lab. Living Systems' Caitlin Johnson shares this space where public is not allowed. Today's Live from the Lab highlights the museum's "warm room," where plants are grown, eggs are incubated, and zebrafish are farmed. Th Exploratorium's lab is an unusual museum feature, allowing a greater variety of programs and exhibits about biology.

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Date: March 9, 2010
Format: Interview
Category: Science in Action
Subject(s): Life Science/Biology

Keywords: zebrafish, plants, egg, lab, living systems,

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Microscope Imaging Station:  Zebra Fish Development (Clip)
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Witness the amazing development of live embryos at the microscope imaging station, part of the Traits of Life Collection.

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Date: January 10, 2006
Format: Exhibit
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): Life Science/Biology

Keywords: zebrafish, microscope, embryo, imaging

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