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Science in the City:  Urban Astronomy (Clip)
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Cities are known to produce a lot of light pollution, making it a challenge for astronomy enthusiasts to view the heavens within city limits. For us in the SF Bay Area, these issues apply, however, exciting results can still be attained between sky gazing and learning about how we all fit into this big thing we call "space". Urban Astronomer Paul Salazar, The Exploratorium's very own Adam Esposito and more demonstrate how to deal with the parameters and the unforgettable experiences that await with simple to no equipment, the right conditions, and some decent timing.

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Date: March 12, 2014
Format: Expedition
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): Astronomy/Space Science

Keywords: urban, astronomy, paul salazar, san francisco, amateur, astronomer, sidewalk astronomer, exploratorium , iridium flare, jupiter, planets, moon, telescopes, chabot space and science center, john dobson, dobsonian telescope mount

Science of Gardening:  Peter's Savage Garden (Clip)
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At the age of eleven, Peter D'Amato ordered a Venus flytrap from Famous Monsters magazine; thus began a lifetime of cultivating carnivorous plants. His small apartment became an urban jungle, so he moved to Sebastopol, California, the home of California Carnivores, where he grows and sells hundreds of other-worldly plants whose traps range from those small enough to capture protozoa to those big enough to contain a rodent.

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Date: May 15, 2005
Format: Interview
Category: Popular Science
Subject(s): Geology/Earth Science, Life Science/Biology

Keywords: carnivorous plant, urban gardening, venus flytrap,

Links: California Carnivores Website

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