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Origins: Astrobiology:  Life at the Extremes (Webcast)
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Meet Breea Govenar, a biologist at Penn State University, as she speaks to us from aboard a research vessel from Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute. She'll discuss life near deep-sea thermal vents in the Pacific Ocean. The Webcast also includes Dr. Alissa Arp, a biologist from San Francisco State University studying the tube worms that live around these very hot marine spots.

Project: Origins: Astrobiology: The Search for Life | Browse All

Date: November 19, 2003
Format: Interview
Category: Science in Action
Subject(s): Geology/Earth Science

Keywords: hydrothermal vents, ocean floor, cold seep sites, fissures, plate techtonics, hydrothermal vent exploration, alvin submarine, bacteria, chemosynthetic bacteria, tubeworms, riftia pachyptila, astrobiology

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