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Miscellaneous:  Physics of the Impossible with Dr. Michio Kaku (Podcast)
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Invisibility, teleportation, mind reading—the stuff of science fiction, right? Yet much of today’s technology was once considered impossible. Given enough time, couldn’t incredible ideas like these also become commonplace? In this unique presentation, author and physicist Dr. Michio Kaku brings to life the science behind parallel universes and other fantastic phenomena. He’ll discuss the role of nanotechnology in learning to simulate invisibility, explain why NASA envisions sending “nanoships” to the stars, and reveal how nanoscience may provide an escape from the death of the universe itself.

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Date: March 29, 2008
Format: Lecture
Category: Popular Science
Subject(s): Physics

Keywords: michio kaku, physics, string theory, nanotechnology

Links: Dr. Michio Kaku's homepage.

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