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Science in the City:  King Tides and Climate Change (Clip)
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Seasonal cycles and winter storms bring extra-high "king tides" that can swamp coastal structures and habitats. What’s a coastal dweller to do? Take pictures! It’s no joke: Educators from the California King Tides Initiative explain how citizen snapshots can be of real value to researchers and policy makers.

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Date: October 11, 2013
Format: Expedition
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): General Science

Keywords: king tides, climate change, california king tides initiative, bay area, winter storms, pacific, ocean, john laird, exploratorium

Links: Witness King Tides
California King Tides Initiative

Exploratorium at the Piers:  Building the Exploratorium at Pier 15: Timelapse (Clip)
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Watch the Exploratorium's construction process from December 2010 to November 2012 in under two minutes. Come see for yourself—doors open at Pier 15 on April 17, 2013. Images courtesy of Ken Murphy. Music by Wayne Grim.

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Date: February 7, 2013
Format: Demonstration / Activity
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): general Science,

Keywords: time-lapse, photography, construction, pier 15, exploratorium, water, tides, waves, embarcadero, wide shot,

Driven:  My New Wilderness (Slideshow)
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The Wave Organ is a wave-activated sound sculpture located at the end of a jetty in the San Francisco Bay. It was created by artist Peter Richards and master stonemason George Gonzalez in 1986.

The installation is an unlikely sight: a collection of curbstones and cemetery stones that appear in the Bay like an ancient ruin or a strange dream. In this unusual place of discovery and contemplation, the musical phenomenon is only part of the point.

In this audio slideshow, Peter Richards, now a senior artist at the Exploratorium, shares his inspiration for creating this piece and explores its function as a theater in which many different kinds of human experiences unfold.

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Date: July 16, 2010
Format: Interview
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): Art

Keywords: wave organ, peter richards, bay, tides

Links: Visit The Wave Organ

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