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Driven:  Story of a Plate (Slideshow)
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Chef Mourad Lahlou of Aziza restaurant is known for elegance and sophistication in his modern Moroccan dishes but often finds inspiration in simple things and unlikely places. In this journey behind the kitchen door, we shadow his entire process as he follows his heart from farm to table. The process is a solid team effort, from Lahlou's special relationships with the people who grow the food to the collaborative kitchen environment that he cultivates. We witness Chef Lahlou blend art and science, and precision and innovation, in his quest to create a plate that is elegant, surprising, and true to its ingredients.

Project: Driven: True Stories of Inspiration | Browse All

Date: August 10, 2010
Format: Interview
Category: Popular Culture
Subject(s): art

Keywords: chef, aziza, mourad lahlou, cooking

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