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Science in the City:  Bat Speak (Clip)
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Every night at Fort Funston, after all the people and dogs have left for the day, the bats come out to play. Dr. Gary Fellers of the U.S. Geological Survey tells us about bat vocalizations, the audio recordings he uses to monitor their travels, and the various species of bats that frequent this Golden Gate National Park.

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Date: February 23, 2011
Format: Interview
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): biology

Keywords: gary fellers, fort funston, bats, echolocation, science, vocalization

Links: USGS Western Ecological Research Center

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Mind:  Dr. Temple Grandin Lectures on Autism and the Animal Mind (Clip)
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Author and animal scientist Dr. Grandin shares her insights on ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), visual thinking, and human and animal minds. Dr. Grandin, herself autistic, believes the autistic person's capacity to "see the actual things themselves" places autistic individuals in a unique position to understand the ways animals think.

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Date: January 17, 2008
Format: Lecture
Category: Popular Science
Subject(s): Cognitive Science/Psychology

Keywords: temple grandin, mind lecture series, autism, asperberger's, asd, visual thinking, animal behavior, external stimuli

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Iron Science Teacher:  Halloween Edition: Bones (Webcast)
Running Time:
Watch as Exploratorium staff and local teachers compete for the title of Iron Science Teacher. Each contestant has 10 minutes to make a science lesson out of a science ingredient. This is a Halloween edition of Iron Science Teacher, and today's secret ingredient is: Bones!

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Date: October 29, 2004
Format: Demonstration / Activity
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): General Science, Physics

Keywords: halloween, bones, resonance, pitch, secret bells activity, hearing, ear physiology, human ear deomonstration, hammer, anvil, stirrup, animal bones, preserving bones, baking soda, osteology, owl pellets

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Miscellaneous:  Tour a Turkey Farm (Clip)
Running Time:
Take a tour of the Willie Bird turkey farm with manager "Beagle" Brodsky. Find out what it takes to get the turkey onto your Thanksgiving Day table. First aired as part of the Science of Cooking Live Webcast: Talking Turkey.

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Date: December 1, 2002
Format: Interview
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): Life Science/Biology

Keywords: turkey, cooking, food, animal, sonoma, willie bird, farm

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Science Wire:  Echo-Logic (Webcast)
Running Time:
Produced by students from San Francisco's Aim High Program. Today they ask, how do our ears work? Can we communicate without words? How do whales communicate under water? Why don't bats slam into trees as they fly? Middle school students will interview Exploratorium Educator Ken Finn and Biologist Dr. Karen Kalumuck, plus special surprise guests!

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Date: May 18, 2002
Format: Demonstration / Activity
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): Life Science/Biology

Keywords: sonar, human hearing, sound location, science of music, guitar science, paul dresher ensemble, chromatic quadrachord instrument demonsrtation, nocturnal animal sounds, underwater animal sounds, whale song, production of sound, animal echolocation, low-frequency sound

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