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Science Wire:  Sound Advice (Webcast)
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Why do many things sound different underwater? How are echoes made? Can you feel or see sound? Join us as we delve into the mysteries of sound. This webcast will feature an Aim High student demonstrating how to make a membranophone; Exploratorium physicist Dr. Paul Doherty modeling sound with ringing aluminum rods, corrugated plastic whirlies, and a slinky; and Marco Jordan, lead educator in the Exploratorium's Outreach program, demonstrating sound science with a "whine" glass and a singing bowl.

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Date: May 4, 2002
Format: Expedition
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): Physics

Keywords: human hearing, ear physiology, sense of hearing, perception of sound, slinky science, compression waves, acoustics, oscilloscope, pitch, 5-tone whirly, whirly tube, whirly hose, echo tube exhibit, echo tube floor exhibit, sound wavelengths, reflection of sound waves, r

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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
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