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Origins: Cold Spring Harbor:  Dr. Carol Greider (Webcast)
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Dr. Carol Greider is a professor of molecular biology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University. She worked with molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn to discover the role of telomeres—segments of DNA that protect and stabilize the ends of chromosomes. Dr. Greider tells us about her work and shares her thoughts about the importance of mentors for women in science.

Project: Origins: Unwinding DNA at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Browse All

Date: February 28, 2003
Format: Interview
Category: Science in Action
Subject(s): Life Science/Biology

Keywords: telomeres, molecular biology, genome research, genetics, role models for women, chromosomes, elizabeth blackburn, basic science research, barbara mcclintock, women scientists, mentoring women in science,

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Revealing Bodies:  Under the Skin from Museo La Specola (Webcast)
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Join us for an interactive webcast that includes a visit to Museo La Specola in Florence, Italy. The museum houses a collection of exquisite life-sized wax medical models that in the late 18th century represented the cutting edge of 3-dimensional imaging technology. We'll also talk with Dr. Hugh Patterson, Chief Anatomy Professor at UCSF, about how today's medical students study anatomy, and with John Murray of 3-D Systems, about the latest developments in solid object imaging.

Project: Revealing Bodies | Browse All

Date: June 24, 2000
Format: Expedition
Category: History of Science
Subject(s): Medicine and Anatomy

Keywords: revealing, bodies, 18th century, wax models, florence, italy, la specola, dissection, 3d imaging, body imaging technology

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