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Science Teaching Tips:  When the Moon Hits Your Eye (Podcast)
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What coin would just barely cover the full moon? You may be surprised. TI director (and recovering astrophysicist) Linda Shore explains how our brains distort the actual size of the moon.

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Date: April 21, 2010
Format: Interview
Category: Everyday Science

Keywords: moon, coin, size, astrophysics, brain

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Revealing Bodies:  Inside the Skull: Exploring the Brain (Webcast)
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Peer inside the thinking brain, using state-of-the-art functional magnetic resonance imaging. Scientists Gary Glover and John Desmond of the Richard M. Lucas Center for Imaging at Stanford University conduct cognitive tests on an Exploratorium staffer. Imaging tools display the active areas of the brain in real time.

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Date: April 22, 2000
Format: Interview
Category: Popular Science
Subject(s): Medicine

Keywords: revealing, bodies, neuroscience, mri process, medical imaging, phrenology, nuclear magnetic resonance, centers of the brain, sections of the brain, brain function, imaging the brain, functional imaging,

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Memory:  Dr. Robert Sapolsky on Stress and Memory: Forget It! (Webcast)
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Can stress make you forget? Dr. Robert Sapolsky presents an overview of the disruptive effects of stress on memory and brain aging. Dr. Sapolsky, Professor of Neuroscience at Stanford University, is a MacArthur Fellow and author of numerous articles and books.

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Date: November 18, 1998
Format: Interview
Category: Popular Culture
Subject(s): Cognitive Science/Psychology

Keywords: stress memories, cell, organism, brain, chemical, stress and memories, impact of stress, stress management, relaxation, memory training, memory stress, homeostatic balance

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Memory:  Dr. Arthur Shimamura: Memory & Alzheimer's Disease (Webcast)
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U.C. Berkeley Professor of Psychology Dr. Arthur Shimamura will discuss what we know about the effects of aging on human memory and its relation to Alzheimer's Disease. Find out how the brain stores and retrieves information, and learn new techniques that may help improve your memory.

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Date: November 4, 1998
Format: Interview
Category: Science in Action
Subject(s): Cognitive Science/Psychology

Keywords: memory, arthur shimamura, aging, brain, alzheimer's disease

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