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Listen Up! Youth Voices

Listen Up! Youth Voices

In collaboration with Oakland-based Youth Radio, we invited a group of Bay Area youth to explore the Changing Face of What Is Normal: Mental Health exhibition, meet with our curators, and engage in discussion and creative writing exercises led by Youth Radio staff.

The result is a collection of short first-person audio pieces that range from humorous to thought-provoking to sad. Some are direct responses to the exhibition content and others are imagined encounters or personal riffs on the exhibition themes. All of them are unflinchingly honest, giving us a powerful glimpse into the lives of young people.

Listen to a sampling of the audio pieces:

To explore the full collection and learn more about Youth Radio, visit https://youthradio.org/creative-studio/article/reflections-on-restraint-a-youth-radioexploratorium-collaboration.

Special thanks to the young people who shared their stories: Bianca Brooks, Kendrick Calkins, Maya Escobar, Michael Prizmich, Sunday Simon, Sophie Varon; and to Youth Radio’s Lissa Soep, Maeven McGovern and Ike Sriskandarajah.

Youth Radio is an award-winning media production company that trains diverse young people in digital media and technology. Founded in 1992 in Berkeley during a period of heightened youth violence and homicide, Youth Radio was established as an outlet for Bay Area youth to process their experiences and provide an alternative perspective to the prevailing media dialogue.