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Fog Bridge #72494

Fog Bridge #72494


Debuting at the Exploratorium’s reopening in April 2013, Nakaya’s fog installation stretches across the 150-foot-long pedestrian bridge that spans the water between Piers 15 and 17. Water pumped at high pressure through more than 800 nozzles lining the bridge will create an immersive environment shrouding participants in mist and putting their sense of themselves and their surroundings at the center of their experience. The work will be stunningly lit at night.

Although Nakaya’s fog environments have been presented around the world, this is her first project in the San Francisco Bay Area, a region famous for its dramatic fog. With the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, the completion of the new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the America’s Cup, and the reopening of the Exploratorium on the San Francisco waterfront, 2013 is being viewed in San Francisco as the Year of the Bay. Amid all of the water-related activity, Nakaya’s project will heighten public awareness of San Francisco’s dynamic weather and bay ecology for an international public.


Fog Bridge by Fujiko Nakaya
Seminal Japanese artist and Fog Bridge creator Fujiko Nakaya muses on her ephemeral medium and iconic work for the Exploratorium.