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Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen is a special exhibition at the Exploratorium which features enormous kinetic sculptures called strandbeests������beach animals��� in Dutch���that mesmerize with their eerily lifelike motion. These amazing beests walk a wandering, wind-blown line between art and engineering, mechanics and biology. On tour for the first time in North America, the exhibition will be at the Exploratorium from Friday, May 27, through September 5, 2016. Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen is organized by the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. Audemars Piguet provided generous support as the tour's National Sponsor. This exhibition is supported as part of the Dutch Culture USA program by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York. ABC7 is the exhibition���s local media sponsor with additional support from SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle.

How did Jansen first envision creatures capable of walking on sand? Of surviving waves and storms? Explore the iterative and creative processes behind strandbeest evolution during an intimate conversation with renowned artist Theo Jansen and Marina McDougall, director of the Exploratorium���s Center for Art & Inquiry. Learn how Jansen���s singular vision���and the haphazard lessons of sheer trial and error���has shaped his new forms of life, as well as their emerging independence.

Join Resonance host, Nicole Minor in conversation with performer, composer, and ethnomusicologist A.J. Racy. Dr. Racy ushered in the third season of Resonance on December 10th, 2015 with a range of compositions and improvisations that explore ancient modes and forms endemic to Middle Eastern cultures.

Height confers advantages in many sports���to a point. But what if you���re too tall to even safely fit on a bicycle? Bike builder David Folch shares both the engineering challenges and the joy of creating supersized bikes for supersized riders.

Join us for a moderated discussion with Alonzo King and Bernie Krause. Krause previously collaborated with Richard Blackford to compose a symphony for orchestra and wild soundscapes, which premiered in July 2014. Alonzo King���s groundbreaking choreography manipulates the laws of energy and matter that govern movement in the natural world. Together, these artists are exploring how human music and dance have evolved from the sounds and movements of other living things.

Buried in a cove that later became downtown San Francisco, a Gold Rush-era cargo ship lay lost and forgotten underground until it was exposed by construction in 2013. Marine archeologists and historians share stories of the discovery, excavation, and preservation of this humble yet significant 23-foot maritime artifact, unique among the oldest intact boats in the United States.

Looming over San Francisco since 1973, Sutro Tower's antennae transmit and receive radio and television signals to the nine-county SF Bay Area. Perched above Twin Peaks, the tower has become a local icon, now revered as much as it was abhorred when first built. Visit the tower with us to find out what���s on it, what���s underneath it, and its history, including its transformation from eyesore to icon.

Laura Welcher, Director of the Rosetta Project, introduces us to the Rosetta Disk, a three-inch puck of microscopically etched nickel and titanium documenting 1,500 human languages.

Join host Sarah Cahill as she interviews innovator, musician, and composer Roscoe Mitchell. Program 2 of the Resonance series at the Exploratorium.

Cheryl E. Leonard is a composer, performer, and instrument builder who creates instruments from unusual raw materials���everything from glass shards and pinecones to glaciers and box springs. This interview took place at the Exploratorium on October 10, 2013, just prior to her performance of Selections from Antarctica: Music from the Ice with Phillip Greelief.