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TI staff biologist Karen Kalumuck breaks down the news about the mysterious ailment afflicting our country���s bees. Why does it matter, and what can we do about it?

Sometimes kids don���t have much experience with nature. TI teacher coach Kim Marie Hansen recounts how she got her inner city students outside and observing the world by using nature journals.

Got a tough kid in your class? TI Staff Educator Modesto Tamez tells a story from his teaching career���explaining a powerful technique that has helped him win over the stubborn, negative students.

Newton���s laws were never so tasty. Exploratorium staff educator Don Rathjen demonstrates concepts about force using a file folder and a marshmallow.

A lucky veteran teacher tells how she got started teaching in a supportive school and with help from her predecessor. This episode is one of several ���first-year��� stories from people in a difficult profession.

How big does a mirror have to be for you to see yourself in it? Exploratorium staff physicist Thomas Humphrey describes an activity you can use in your classroom to investigate simple optics.

Children���s book author David Schwartz tells how big numbers got him excited about math when he was a kid.

TI staff educator Eric Muller hits me up for change, and then demonstrates a neat science activity using dry ice.

A story can help make a subject come alive for your students. TI teacher coach Carol Murphy talks about the myriad ways she���s used storytelling in her science classes.

A veteran teacher describes his first year teaching in a tough school district. This episode is one of several ���first-year��� stories from people in a difficult profession.