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Inverness Research Associates

Home page for IRA, who have been evaluating Teacher Institute programs for the past 20 years.  You’ll find reports about TI here as well as evaluation reports from science education programs around the country.


Connecting with Experts in the Real World: Educators Learn to Teach Science From the Pros.
Several programs across the U.S. provide novice science teachers with the skillset and resources they need to be effective instructors in the classroom.

The "teaching box" is an organizational tool used by teachers around the world. It's the accumulation of ideas, materials, and lessons around a particular topic that you can pull off a shelf and find everything you need to teach about that topic.

Articles About TI’s Induction and Leadership Programs

Guides Support Mentors, Coaches of New Teachers (NSTA, 2009)

The Place and Role of the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute Program in Strengthening the Teaching of Science (IRA, 2006)

No Child Left Behind Teacher Quality Mandates: Some Recommendations for Supporting Science Teachers in California (Shore, 2006)

(Need to get you the article I co-wrote with Laura Stokes re. Leadership program) 

Museum Experiences that Support Classroom Inquiry and Teacher Professional Development (Shore, 2005)

Credible For Whom?  Middle and High School Teachers and Their Induction Programs  (Galosy, 2004)

Cooking Up Science Education Reform: How Iron Science Teacher Became the Inspiration for the Exploratorium Teacher Institute (Shore, 2002)

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute’s Leadership Training & Support Program (Shore, 2001)

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute’s Beginning Teacher Program (Shore, 2001)


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