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Since 1998, the Exploratorium Teacher Institute has included a Teacher Induction Program that consists of a two-year Beginning Teacher Program for novice science teachers, and a two-year Leadership Program that trains experienced teachers to be mentors and coaches of the new teachers.

The Teacher Induction Program Overview describes our ten years’ experience, with an emphasis on the Leadership Program, in the hope that it will be useful tonew teachers other programs that train and support mentors.

The Coaching Guide is for educators not currently teaching who coach new teachers in their classrooms. The Mentoring Guide is for experienced classroom teachers who provide after-school and weekend support to new teachers. Although these guides were developed for the Exploratorium, they could be easily modified for other programs.

Our Leadership Website outlines everything our leadership program has to offer.

For additional information, please contact Modesto Tamez at (415) 528-4642 or mtamez@exploratorium.edu, or Tammy Cook-Endres at (415) 528-4645 or tcookendres@exploratorium.edu.


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