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Come Celebrate the Exploratorium's 40th Anniversary with us!
With a handful of exhibits and a $50,000 grant from the San Francisco Foundation, the Exploratorium’s founder, Dr. Frank Oppenheimer, opened the doors of the museum in 1969 without any fanfare. In the forty years since, the museum has grown enormously, adding groundbreaking educational programs plus playful, thought-provoking exhibitions (on site and online), artworks, Webcasts, events, publications, and much more. We’re celebrating our past, present, and future at the museum and online.

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Our Mission
The Exploratorium Teacher Institute (TI) has been a professional home for middle and high school science teachers for over twenty years. (TI brochure in PDF)

The TI offers a rich mix of hands-on activities based on Exploratorium exhibits, content-based discussions, classroom materials, web-based teaching resources, and machine shop experiences.

We offer Summer Institutes and district-wide in-services for both new and experienced teachers. Our growing family of alumni may also attend a variety of Saturday workshops. All program participants are provided with stipends for attending our institutes and workshops.

Leadership Program
Are you interested in starting a program to mentor new teachers? Find out about the Teacher Institute's approach, which combines a program for beginning teachers with a leadership program that trains coaches and mentors.
Check out our Leadership website.
New Teacher Program

Enhance your knowledge of science while learning how to bring the Exploratorium's hands-on philosophy of teaching into your classroom. For more information, check out our New Teacher Program webpage.

Podcasts Icon

The Teacher Institute currently has three podcast series for science teachers that will inform and entertain you.

Teacher Institute Teaching Tips
A series of almost 70 five-minute episodes that include activities, science history, pedagogy tips, and “first year” teaching stories.

TI’s Summer Institute
Hear about the Summer Institute experience from the directors of TI and from participating teachers.

SmallTalk is a series of five episodes about nanotechnology featuring leading scientists, writers, and visionaries. Each episode is about 20–30 minutes long.


One-Week Alumni Institutes

If you are a TI alumnus, registration for summer alumni institutes (all one-week) is available online. Click here to register.

Remember, this area is password protected, so use your alumni login and password. If you need help, please email kdrachler@exploratorium.edu.

Thanks and see you this summer!


Registration for the Classic Summer Institute 2010 is now closed.

Click here for the webpage, information, and/or to be put on the mailing list for next summer.

Updated Snackbook and Videos:
The Teacher Institute has an updated Snackbook!
This new edition includes updated activities plus several new snacks, illustrations, references, tips from teachers, and correlations to national science standards.
We are also uploading videos of some of our favorite Snacks.
For more information or to watch a video, click here!

Geometry Playground Pathways
The Exploratorium is developing a new mathematics exhibition called Geometry Playground. During each of the three years of this project, we will be producing one third of the exhibition. A set of classroom activities, or Pathways, will accompany each year’s exhibits.

The Pathways for Year One can be found on the Exploratorium’s main Pathways Website

The Pathways for Year Two are available below.

Each Pathway contains activities to do before, during, and after a field trip to the Geometry Playground exhibit. The Pathways are designed for three different grade spans:

Kindergarten–Grade 2

Grade 3–Grade 5

Grade 6–Grade 8

Geometry Playground is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Want to know more about the Teacher Institute's Summer Institute for educators? Then listen to our podcasts! Whether you're a teacher interested in applying to our Classic Summer Institute or you've already been accepted into it, you'll find detailed descriptions of the summer experience in these audio programs.

Full Version: 26 minutes. 9.2 MB
"Lite" Version: 11 minutes, 3.9 MB

Find out more about the staff at the Teacher Institute and their interests.
Our popular Science Snacks provide instructions for building classroom versions of Exploratorium exhibits.
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