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Oppenheimer Circle

Oppenheimer Circle

Named in honor of Frank Oppenheimer, the renowned scientist and visionary who founded the museum in 1969, the Oppenheimer Circle was established to recognize those donors who have included the Exploratorium in their estate plans. Support of the Oppenheimer Circle helps secure the financial future of the museum and assures that the standards of innovation, excellence, and education enjoyed at the Exploratorium today will be available to future generations.

Special benefits and membership are extended to donors who have provided for the Exploratorium in their estate plans.

Membership Eligibility

Membership in the Oppenheimer Circle is extended upon confirmation that you have arranged for any of the following:

  • Included a bequest provision for the Exploratorium in your will or living trust
  • Created a charitable remainder trust or lead trust with the Exploratorium as a beneficiary
  • Designated the Exploratorium as the beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy
  • Gave a gift of real property to the museum with retained life use
  • Made other types of gifts with future benefit as determined by the Exploratorium Board of Directors

Confirmation may be provided through a letter to the Exploratorium describing the gift, or by completion of a gift confirmation form, which is available through the Development Office.

Recognition and Benefits

In addition to the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are helping to secure the financial future of the museum, the benefits of membership in the Oppenheimer Circle include:

  • Recognition in annual reports and other forms of printed and permanent recognition, unless anonymity is requested
  • Invitations to lectures with renowned academics, scientists, and artists
  • Invitations to special museum events
  • Special publications

If you prefer, your membership in the Oppenheimer Circle may be anonymous for purposes of recognition, but participation in activities at the Exploratorium is still encouraged.