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Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement

The Exploratorium’s mission is to change the way the world learns. If your corporation shares a similar value, join the Exploratorium as a corporate partner and learn how your company can be an integral part of this groundbreaking movement.

Enhance Your Community Profile
Showcase an active commitment to strengthening scientific literacy by associating your company with the Exploratorium’s high-visibility community- relations events.

Attract, Retain, and Reward Your Employees
Offer exciting new volunteer opportunities and special access to events for employees and their families. Inspire their imaginations while giving them the chance to satisfy their scientific curiosity.

Host Events at Our Unique Venue
Added benefits of corporate engagement include access to the Exploratorium’s breathtaking facilities on the San Francisco waterfront for company-hosted events, parties, and high-level board meetings.

Reap Marketing and Promotional Opportunities
Benefit from high-impact multimedia public relations and advertising campaigns to expand your brand awareness and spotlight organizational dedication to scientific inquiry.

Take a look at the Exploratorium’s Corporate Engagement Digital Magazine for more details. This is where things get interesting.