Duck Into Kaleidoscope
Make multiple images of yourself.
Duck Into Kaleidoscope will create hundreds of images of - whatever you place inside it. The basic kaleidoscope is a triangle, but mirror tiles can beformed into other shapes and angles as well.

(30 minutes or less)

Place the six mirror tiles in a row, as shown below. Tape each tile to the tiles on either side with duct tape (shown as dark stripes on drawing), leaving just enough room for the tape to flex and act as a hinge. Tape over any sharp edges.

Stand the pieces of cardboard on a table so that the long sides are horizontal. Fold the bottom 3 inches (7.5 cm) of each piece of cardboard to form a lip. Tape the 3 cardboard pieces together to form a large equilateral triangle (2 feet [60 cm] on each side), with the lip on the inside.

Form the mirror tiles into an equilateral triangle that is 2 feet (60 cm) on each side, and insert them into the cardboard form so that the bottom edges of the mirrors rest in the cardboard lip. (Be sure that the mirrors are facing inside.)

(5 minutes or more)

Put the kaleidoscope over your head. You will see a million faces!

Take the mirrors out of the cardboard form and make them into various closed geometrical shapes, such as a square, a rectangle, or a hexagon. Put each shape over your head, or place an object in the center of the shape, and see the reflections.

In a kaleidoscope you see reflections of reflections.