Light Walk Index

  1. "It begins here..."

  2. Cloud images - Holes In The Wall

  3. "All that information is encoded in the light"

  4. Eclipse images of the sun

  5. Lots of irregular holes

  6. "I still get a round image of the sun."

  7. Fitting a round image into a square hole.

  8. "If I cross the fingers of my hands..."

  9. The pegboard

  10. Multiple images from the pegboard

  11. "Now here's a couple of slits in a board"

  12. "Here's a board with square holes in it. "

  13. "Now here's a board with little square mirrors..."

  14. "... a mirror is really a reflecting pinhole"

  15. "Now I'll move over here into this fuzzy shadow..."

  16. The pegboard and images of near objects

  17. "... if you put a lens right next to the pegboard..."

  18. "You can regard a lens as a whole collection of pinholes..."

  19. Can't overlap widely spaced different images

  20. "'d either have to choose whether you'd stack the images of the sun or the images of the tree."

  21. "That's what depth of field is."

  22. Parallax, depth of field, and aperture.

  23. "... I cut out a hand and drilled a hole in it"

  24. " I made the hand out of a mirror."

  25. " see a dark image of the sun with a white silhouette of a branch in front of it."

  26. "The shadow of a butterfly or the shadow of an airplane is actually round "

  27. "...the limit of the resolution would be the size of the butterfly or the airplane."

  28. The spectrum revealed

  29. "So what I used to think of as 'uninteresting diffuse white light' turns out to be pretty damned interesting."


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