Here are some books on the subject of light and images that we found interesting. Let us know if you have others.
  • Cole, KC. for The Exploratorium. Looking at the Light. Washington, D.C.: Association of Science-Technology Centers, 1981.
    In a light-hearted style, this publication describes the seventeen exhibits in the Exploratorium's Looking at the Light show. The descripdons and supplementary text discuss light and shadows, pinhole images, refraction, and reflecdon.

  • Falk, David; Dieter Brill; and David Stork. Seeing the light: Optics in Nature, Photography, Color Vision, and Holography. New York, NY: Harperand Row Publishers, 1986
    An indespensible book covering many area with very good illustrations. One of our favorites!

  • Minnaert, M. The Nature of Light and Color in the Open Air. New York, NY: Dover Publications, Inc., 1954

  • Pirenne, M.H. Optics, Painting, and Photography. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1970.
    Pirenne provides an exhaustive discussion of images and optics, recommended for the dedicated reader.

  • Shull, Jim. The Hole Thing. New York: Morgan & Morgan, Inc., 1974.
    You can capture the image that is revealed by a small hole on film by using a pinhole camera. Shull describes in detail how to construct and use a pinhole camera.

  • Time-Life Books. The Camera; Life Library of Photography. New York: Time-Life Books, 1976.
    This book about cameras and photography includes a section which contrasts the pinhole with the lens as a way of controlling light and explains the camera obscura in its historical context. Profusely illustrated with photos and sketches.

  • Time-Life Books. Light and Film; Life Library of Photography. New York: TimeLife Books, 1976.
    This richly illustrated treatise on the role of light and film in photography in cludes a section discussing the nature of light, with graphic representations of the electromagnetic spectrum, the effects of the Earth's atmosphere on sunlight, scattering of sunlight, reflection and refraction.

  • Williamson, SJ. and Cummins, H. Light and Color in Nature and Art. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1983.
    An encyclopedic treatment of the role and behavior of light.


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