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ROV Highlights, July 2, 2010 (Clip)
Date: July 2, 2010
Running Time: 00:02:14

View some of the spectacular underwater footage captured by the Little Hercules ROV on July 2 during the Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration Expedition.

The launch target for this ROV dive was 4d 00.760' N 125d 16.800' E. The vehicle descended to a depth of 1600m on a small seamount that lay at the base of a larger seamount to the east. It reached the bottom approximately 40m downslope on the western flank of an east-west trending ridge. The bottom for most of the dive was light-colored, sandy sediment. A few rocky outcrops appeared in areas of steeper terrain. There was no evidence of hydrothermal activity. Biology appeared dominated by sparse assemblages of solitary corals, shrimp, galatheid crabs, and sponges. Small crustaceans or barnacles were visible on several corals and sponges.

Watch spectacular underwater footage gathered by the Okeanos Explorer as it investigates and maps the world's ocean depths.