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Lifelong Learning Programs

Lifelong Learning Programs

Lifelong Learning programs nurture curiosity and exploration through day camps, workshops, classes, and excursions. These learning experiences are designed for a range of audiences of different ages—children, teens, family groups, and adults. Through a variety of program formats, participants enjoy small-group, in-depth exploration of science, art, and human perception topics. Programs include Day camps, Homeschool Science, the Girls Science Institute, and educational Excursions.

Summer Camps

Day camps offer playful and creative opportunities for children, ages 7–14, to explore the world around them using a mix of science activities, art projects, group games, and our vast exhibit collection. We balance curiosity-driven free time in the museum with structured and self-directed learning opportunities. Day camps are open to Members and Nonmembers.

Homeschool Science

The Homeschool Science Program offers hands-on workshops for Bay Area families. Students explore topics through hands-on activities, exhibit exploration, contributions from experienced teachers, and Internet links for going further. Homeschool Science workshops are offered at two levels that differ in approach and depth while covering the same broad topic.

Girls Science Institute

The Girls Science Institute promotes science literacy, fosters self-confidence in scientific abilities, and highlights female role models in scientific disciplines for girls ages 10–12. The Institute's multiday workshops explore various scientific disciplines through hands-on activities that model the work of women who made significant historical contributions to their fields.


Excursions are designed for people to experience and explore concepts presented by our exhibit collection out in the real world. Participants of all ages gather black sand at Ocean Beach, learn about their body mechanics on a bicycle physiology ride, or launch rockets—all the time deepening their commitment to curiosity.