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Network for Exhibit-Based Teaching (ExNET)

Network for Exhibit-Based Teaching (ExNET)

The Exploratorium Network for Exhibit-Based Teaching (ExNET) is a hybrid exhibit and teaching program that shares the fruits of forty years of research by the Exploratorium and affiliated partners with a diverse group of institutions worldwide.

ExNET features a collection of the best of the Exploratorium’s exhibits, grouped together thematically into a number of  powerful combinations. While exhibits form the core of ExNET, the group works with partners to identify their goals as a museum and provide a tailored collection of consulting opportunities to help them grow. ExNET is especially passionate about inspiring educational staff to make full use of our exhibits as teaching tools.

ExNET partners, representing large and small museums worldwide, also organize around the exchange of exhibits, people, and expertise to contribute to a worldwide culture of learning. ExNET is part of Exploratorium Global Studios, which is actively growing the Exploratorium’s influence through projects with foreign governments, universities, partner museums, libraries, hospitals, and other public/private entities around the world.

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