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Revealing Bodies Web Site Credit

revealing bodies Web site project coordination:

Melissa Alexander
Mary K. Miller
Lorelle Posten
Khristine A Page

Web design, layout & production:

Khristine A Page

Live@ Webcasts:

Noel Wanner, Project Director
Robyn Higdon-Davis, Project Manager

resonant imaging:

Kenneth Wilkes, Artist/Author

art and artifacts:

Rosamond Purcell, Artist/Author
Melissa Alexander, Introduction

behind the scenes:

Robyn Higdon-Davis, Project Manager
Julie Konop and Dia Feliz, Video and Editing
Noel Wanner and Danette St. Onge, Real Video Encoding

visible human:

Wayne Fidler, Shockwave Developer

bodies links:

Sarah Reiwitch


Amy Snyder

editorial support:

Ruth Brown, Ellen Klages, Ellyn Hament, Mike Matz

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